Let us help you find the perfect furrever friend for you!


There are some very important factors to consider when adopting an animal into the family and it is a big responsibility, it’s a lifelong responsibility. Many of the animals we have helped rescue are either abandoned, lost, neglected or strays due to human negligence sadly.

Adoption Process

Often people underestimate the responsibilities involved so when you adopt from a reputable rescue, you will go through a detailed adoption interview. If an adoption centre or rescue group does not go through this process, they are a very questionable organization and I would steer clear from them. Some of the factors may include the following: 

  • your daily available time
  • adequate space in your home
  • any health concerns that may impede you from caring for an animal for the duration of their average life span 
  • if your home environment is stable
  • adequate income and stable finances to provide for the animal 
  • past experience with animals
  • having plans in place when you are on vacation
  • compatibility with other pets in the house
  • references from your veterinarian if you have one

Peace Fur Paws works and supports many local and international rescue groups and there are many wonderful and reputable groups that we have worked with. Below are some recommended places to start off but it’s not a complete list.

Cat Rescues

FB_IMG_1459208378888Rescue Angels is a no kill, not for profit, volunteer and foster home based cat rescue. Currently, there are a lot of amazing kitties that are up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a cat, visit their website at www.rescueangels.ca 



Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue is a not-for-profit registered charity dedicated to the rescue and adoption of homeless cats and kittens and providing support to keep cats in loving homes. We try our best to ensure that our cats are matched with the best possible homes . Visit them here.


Dog Rescues

Soi dog Foundation

A cat and dog rescue based in Thailand working with officials to save animals in the illegal meat trade. Soi Dog Foundation provides loving care and medical treatments to the animals they rescue. Animals adopted from Thailand are flown to Canada, check out their dogs and cats for adoption

Small Animals 

If you are seriously considering a rabbit, guinea pig or small rodent as a companion, please adoptdont shop. All the rabbits found in pet stores come from animal mills. There are many reputable rescues to consider! Check out their links below. 

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