Peace Fur Paws now works with Rescue Angels, a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing homeless cats. Please visit Rescue Angels to see all the furry friends that have found loving, fur-ever homes!


Sophie and Family 2

Proud Mommy, Sophie was found with her litter of babies and she is a beautiful and curious shorthair silver tabby. She has a lovely and sweet temperament and is a relaxed, young, 8 month old girl. She has found a forever home and was adopted by one of our previous adopters!



Peanut is an adorable 8 week old, short hair, orange tabby boy and he was born in a foster home after his pregnant mom was rescued. He is extremely affectionate and is a complete purr ball. He loves to play and hang out with his foster parents, he is best friends with Minnie and we are extremely happy because they were adopted as a pair into a loving, wonderful home.


George George2

Handsome George is a Polydactyl Persian cross and he is a big, cuddly teddy bear as you can see. He has been waiting for his furrever home for several months now and he has finally found his perfect home and settling in nicely! 

Minnie and Buttons

Minnie and Buttons

Brother and sister, Buttons and Minnie got adopted together this weekend at a joint adoptathon event with Rescue Angels! We are so happy Buttons and Minnie are settling into their new home with their loving new parents. 


Bella 2 Bella

July 2015 – Bella is a beautiful 2 year old, brown tabby girl and she has exquisitely beautiful eyes and markings. She was recently adopted by a wonderful couple and she is being so pampered and loved! We are so happy for Bella. She deserves a good home after being mistreated and neglected by her previous owner.

Jeremy, Toby, Maddie, and Steffi

 IMG_2784 (Small) IMG_2775 (Small) IMG_2774 (Small)  IMG_2765 (Small)

July 2015 – This adorable family was rescued after their Mom was left behind in a vacant apartment. She was rescued and found to be pregnant. She gave birth to these beautiful kittens and they have since found wonderful homes. We are so happy for them and that they are safe and sound from harm.


unnamed (1)

July 2015 – Yoshi is a super laid back and handsome kitten with soft medium hair. He is the sweetest little boy and his foster Mom (and her cats) fell in love with him and have adopted him into their family. He is not only loved by his human family but also by his feline friends that have warmly welcomed him into their home.


unnamed (3)

July 2015 – Otis is a confident and laid back little boy. He plays well with every kitten and cat and he has super fluffy, tuxedo medium hair. He has been adopted into a very caring family and has become best friends with their older cat.


unnamed (2)

July 2015 – Graycee is a smart, shy and super sweet kitten, rescued from an unsafe area. Graycee is a blue domestic shorthair with a cute white belly. She was recently adopted and is so loved by her new family. Her new canine buddy is extremely gentle and we are sure they will become fast friends if they haven’t already!



July 2015 – Melodie is a beautiful domestic medium hair silver tabby baby girl. She is very playful, smart and loves the turbo scratcher and the cat wand.  Melodie has come a long way since she was rescued just a few weeks ago from a very cat hostile area. She was recently adopted to a loving home and she now has an older feline buddy as her playmate.


unnamed (4)

July 2015 – Niko is a handsome shorthair silver tabby boy and the most playful in the litter. He and his siblings were all rescued from an unsafe area and we are so glad they are safe and sound. We cannot imagine what could have happened to them if they had stayed in the area any longer. Niko is very friendly and he loves to play and jump into people’s arms. He has been adopted by a lovely couple, we are so happy for him!

unnamed (5)

July 2015 – Gizmo was found wandering in Mississauga all by himself, just shy of being 6 weeks old. Luckily, a very nice gentleman picked him up and contacted us. He is an unbelievably friendly, trusting and playful kitten. We are happy to share that Gizmo has found his forever home and he is so pampered and loved!

Casper and Luna

Casper Luna

July 2015 – Casper and Luna were rescued along with their siblings Yoshi, Otis and Niko. Casper and Luna were adopted out together to a very loving family. It’s always desirable to have cats adopted in pairs especially if they are siblings since most kittens and some cats love having a friend and a playmate that they can wrestle and play with. 

Mick and Keif

Keif and Mick (2) Keif and Mick

July 2015 – Mick and Keif were born at a foster home. Their Mom, Jenny was very pregnant when she was rescued and luckily brought in and safe from harm. Mick and Keif were adopted out as a pair to a very nice couple. Their Mom, Jenny is still looking for a loving home, see her profile here. 


Cheeky 2

July 2015 – Cheeky, our beautiful 3 year old dilute torti girl was adopted out within an hour at our last adoptathon to a wonderful family. She was surrendered by her owner who could no longer care for her. Cheeky was very malnourished when she was surrendered and even had pneumonia but she recovered well. Cheeky is a super sweet and friendly girl and we are so glad she has found a beautiful home. 


July 2015 – Our beloved Tiger has found his forever home and we are so happy for him! He is a very confident, and proud boy and he acts like a dog and loves being walked on a leash. We are so happy he has now found a loving home all to himself. 



June 2015 – Baba is a pure Bengal just under a year of age and he is incredibly affectionate and has very high energy. He loves to talk and sing and climb on people’s shoulders. He has found a wonderful home and he is being loved very much by his new owner. We are so happy for him!


Lucky 4

April 2015 – Lucky is a 1 year old male Main Coon Mix. He is very loving and friendly, and a happy-go-lucky boy who loves to be held. We suspect he was abandoned and was found cold and starving. He loves people and is good with small children, cats and dogs and he got adopted over Pet Valu’s National Adoption weekend. We are so happy that Lucky has found a forever loving home.


April 2015 – Max is an extremely loving, affectionate and stunning fellow and he was found abandoned and hungry in a parking lot. Max’s amazing personality earned him many friends and during his stay at Pet Valu, people would visit him daily and he’d always greet them with his big loud purr and cute meow. We are ecstatic because Max has found the purrfect home.


Precious 3

Rescued from near death, Precious is a small black 6-month old female cat. Still a kitten herself, she became trapped in a snow-plow with her litter of kittens and they all became trapped in a tall snow bank. People nearby heard desperate cries and found  two small kittens on top of the snow, but they weren’t aware that Precious was still trapped inside the bank. It wasn’t until the next day that another good samaritan saw a glimpse of black in the snow bank and decided to dig and found Precious laying lifeless inside the bank.  Precious was brought to one of our rescuers and miraculously she was still alive but had severe pneumonia. The doctor told us she wouldn’t make it but Precious is truly a fighter and she did not give up. With a lot of care, she finally came around and recovered. She has been adopted by her foster mom.

Rupert, Jasper, Randy and Susie

April 2015 – Mamma was rescued and found to be very pregnant. She gave birth to 6 kittens shortly after in one of our rescue homes. Sadly, two of the kittens were stillborn and didn’t make it, but the other 4 kittens are thriving, healthy and robust and they will be heading to lovely homes once they are weaned. Mamma still needs a bit of time to get use to people but once she comes around, she will also be up for adoption. 



April 2015 – Rosey is a gorgeous bengal cross. Gentle and loving, Rosey loves being petted and is a very sweet girl. She was only 4 months when she was rescued and she is now in a very loving home.  


IMG_2570   IMG_2573

March 2015 – Bengi is a gorgeous 1 year old, polydactyl, Bengal cross who was rescued from a backyard breeder who had him caged up and he was on his way to being used for breeding. Luckily he was rescued!  He acts very much like a dog and follows people around and he never let his foster dad out of his site during his stay there. He has found a wonderful home where he can have the full run of the house and never used for breeding again!


February 2015 – Torti is a very sweet and gentle 9 month old girl  and she loves being held and cuddled. She has found her forever home where she gets lots of attention and kisses!


IMG_2633 IMG_2631

February 2015 – Beauty is a sweet and loving girl who loves to be held and is very affectionate. She was picked up on the streets, cold and hungry and she is currently in foster care. 

Charlie Chaplin/Joey

IMG_2634 IMG_2639

February 2015 – Charlie Chaplin is a very affectionate 9 month old boy who was freezing and crying but was rescued by one of our loving rescuers.  He has been adopted to a nice home where he can stay warm and safe. 


 photo         IMG_1026

February 2015 – Maisy is a very cute little polydactyl girl who is only 5 months old and she was rescued as a feral kitten but after a lot of care and attention from her foster mom, she came around and became the most inquisitive and playful little girl.  She has found a nice family where she will be loved and taken care of. 



February 2015 – Silver, the stunning, Lynx Point Siamese tabby cross has just found a wonderful home and we are thrilled for Silver! He is a gorgeous, sweet and shy boy who only deserves the best. He is about 9 months old now and we are happy he has found a loving forever home.



February 2015 – Pumpkin is a 3 year old, macho big boy. His previous owner did not want him anymore and threw him outside but he is now in a wonderful home!



February 2015 – Mittens is a very sweet 3 month old grey and white boy who was abandoned on the streets with her little sister, Skittles. Mittens is now in a loving home where he can be pampered and hugged all day!


IMG_2643 IMG_2644

February 2015 – This sweet little girl is named Cuddles and just like her name, she loves being held and carried around. She is extremely gentle and she is one of the sweetest little girl, hence my name Cuddles. She loves to kiss her rescue mom and be in her arms forever. She is very gentle and affectionate. She just got adopted by a loving couple and we wish Cuddles a lifetime of love and happiness in her forever home.



February 2015 – Emma is a very sweet 3yr old maltipoo. A few months ago she was rescued by her foster mom and her foster mom loved her dearly but couldn’t keep her. She has since found a wonderful home. We are so happy for Emma as she loves to play and cuddle, and doesn’t shed or bite.  


Jan 2015 – Penguin was rescued as a kitten from outside and he is a beautiful black and white domestic shorthair, neutered male. He has  cute little white socks and very inquisitive and he was adopted to a loving family.


Jan 2015 – Fluffy is a cute little black kitten that was rescued from the freezing cold. He is very playful and handsome as you can see. He loves to exercise and he gets along very well with other cats. He was adopted into a beautiful family.



Princess is a beautiful, longhair orange female and she is a very friendly and affectionate kitty.  She loves people and gets along so well with her friends. Due to a chronic eye problem, no one would adopt her and now she is a  permanent resident at her foster home. She now oversees all the other cats as they come in for rehabilitation, offering them companionship. 



Jan 2015 – My name is Snowball and I am a very handsome male, neutered domestic shorthair cat as you can see.  I was rescued from a breeder who kept me in a tiny cage in her basement apartment and used me for breeding.  It was filthy and it was a horrible place to be in.  I am thankful for my rescue mom who I am staying with now. I am a very confident young fellow, I love to pose and very playful and I just got adopted to a wonderful home!


Photo0127     IMG_0498


December 2014 – Rocky was found as a stray, freezing and very hungry but thankfully his rescue Mom took him in! He is a super handsome brown tabby cat with 4 white socks and he is 5 months old, neutered and microchipped and affectionate.  He just got adopted into a new family and we are so excited for Rocky to be in his forever home!

Daisy and her Babies

    imagejpeg_6     20140825_160212

November 2014 – I’m Lady Daisy and I was rescued from a breeder who kept me and other cats in very unsanitary conditions.  My kittens and I were all sick when we arrived at my rescue Mom’s home.  Sadly, my baby Pip didn’t make it but my other two kittens regained their health and went to good homes.  It took me a little longer to find my forever home but I just got adopted by a wonderful couple!

Lucy and her Babies

  imagejpeg_8imagejpeg_2 imagejpeg_3 imagejpeg_4

September 2014 My name is Lucy, and I am a purebred Himalayan rescued from a bad breeder who had me caged and breeding for money. When I was rescued, I was already pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful babies.  We all got adopted into loving homes, and as you can see, we are one adorable bunch!



2013 – Hello, my name is Puffy and I was found as a stray wandering around in the cold winter, limping and starving.  My rescue Mom picked me up and I was found with a wound in my leg, most likely from fighting with another animal.  I was in rough shape when they found me, my hair was so badly knotted to the skin, I had to have it all shaved off.  I have an incredibly sweet temperament, very friendly and I love people. My new Mom fell in love with me instantly when she met me, and I did too.  I soon saw myself settling into my new home and I get pampered everyday!  My human friends love to admire my majestic, beautifully grown, new haircoat.


    charlie1 charlie2

My name is Charlie and I was surrendered by an unethical breeder because I could not longer breed.  I am a stunning, purebred British Shorthair as you can see.  I was kept in a tiny cage for 4 years and was bred for profit. When I was rescued, my back legs were so weak, I couldn’t walk. I also have developed severe polyps in my ears because I had so many ear infections.  Thankfully I was rescued by my rescue Mom who loves me and has taken me in and treats me daily with ear drops to keep me comfortable.  Now I am happy, proud and have the full run of her house!



2014 – I am a beautiful straight ear purebred Scottish Fold, surrendered at the same time as Charlie. I am incredibly sweet but a bit timid.  I had a very bad eye infection and cold, which is common of cats who come from dirty cat mills. With tender loving foster care and medical attention, I recovered and was adopted out, along with Sookie, to a wonderful home.


photo (1)

2014 – My name is Sookie and I am a cute little kitten and was rescued as a stray. People say I am like a little Munchkin because I have super short legs and am very small in size. Although I am bit shy, I am very affectionate once I get to know you.  I ended up going to a great home along with my friend, Sunny.

Lucy aka. Oreo

photo 1 photo 2

2014- I was a hungry and starving kitty outside and I was hanging around a nice home as I saw they had many cats inside. On one rainy spring day, my rescue mom could not bear seeing me outside anymore and picked me up!  I am very friendly and I was owned before but I do not know what happened to my owner, so I am so thankful my rescue mom picked me up as I was very hungry.  I am not use to living outside so I got into some fights and had scratches all over my face and I was actually pregnant when I was rescued.  Sadly, my two kittens didn’t make it but I did recover after months of tender loving care with my foster family. I was adopted out into an amazing home and now I have the whole house to my own!

Elvin, Penny and Lindsay

 unnamed image_4unnamed

2014 – Elvin, Penny and Lindsay were part of a litter of 6 kittens and were rescued when they were just 4 weeks old, stacked on top of each other, under a tree, on a cold fall day. They were little feral kittens, hissing and spitting but in just a weeks time, when given tender loving care, warm shelter and food, they tamed up beautifully and are now part of a wonderfully happy family. Some of their siblings were not so lucky.  Taken in by other people for a day as a toy and thrown back outside carelessly, they probably perished during one of the harshest winters we ever had. Despite our efforts and attempts to locate the remaining two kittens, they were never found.

Missy, Tabby, Mookie, and Tuxedo

IMG_0081 IMG_0109 IMG_1099 IMG_8165

2014 – Missy, Tabby, Mookie and Tuxedo were all kittens rescued from feral cat colonies this year and were adopted into wonderful homes after they were socialized and tamed!


IMG_4344 IMG_7584

2014 – I am in my new home now and I love it here. I am treated like a princess by my new parents. I came from a place where I had to live in a cage with my new born kittens. The breeder had me and all the other cats used for breeding locked up. We hated it. It was also a small room with a tiny window that we couldn’t even see out of.  Me and some if my friends were surrendered because we were so sick with nasty colds.  I was lucky to get out and have a chance to get a good home.

Tabitha and Shady


2014 – We are Tabitha and Shady, and we use to be feral cats but thankfully we were rescued and tamed. Now we are in a loving new home, and as you can see, we are very spoiled and love to cuddle.



2014 – I am a very loving and incredibly sweet 2 year old Persian named Cuddles. I was used as a stud cat by a horrible breeder and was kept stuck in a cage. I got really sick with a cold and due to my very flat face and nose, I had a lot of trouble breathing. The breeder did not want to spend money to take me to the vet so I was surrendered to a very nice lady, who nursed me back to health. Eventually, I was adopted into a loving forever home and now, I am a very happy boy!


photo (1)

2014 – My name is Buttercup and I am a 3 year old Persian. I suffered a horrible life with a breeder who used me to breed litter after litter of kittens, all in the name of money! My last litter got stuck inside me and sadly, all of my babies died. The breeder did not want to spend money on me so she surrendered me to a very nice lady. When I was given up, my nose was raw and bleeding from a horrible cold and infection. The nice lady took care of me, took me to the vet and nursed me back to health. Eventually, I got a wonderful, forever loving home with my new mom she adopted my friend, Groupie, too and we are now best friends forever!


photo (2)

2014 – My name is Groupie, and I am the most gentle, loving girl you know. I will not fight and will lay in your arms forever. A horrible breeder surrendered me because I caught a very horrible cold and my fur was all knotted and she did not want to spend money on me. A wonderful lady saved me, and nursed me back to health and now, I live with my BBF, Buttercup!



2014 – Snoopy is a gorgeous, Himalayan and he was rescued from another backyard breeder who was keeping him in inhumane conditions.  Thankfully he was taken into his rescue mom’s home and he now has a forever loving home.



2014 – Felix was rescued from a backyard where he was found crying and hungry.  The owner of the house didn’t have the heart to turn a blind eye, so he started feeding him and soon realized Felix was a tame and very affectionate cat who must of either gotten lost or abandoned by his owner.  One of our rescuers was contacted and Felix was picked up about 2 months later and they found out he was actually declawed and neutered, making him completely defenseless and unable to hunt.  If he hadn’t met the nice gentlemen and rescued, he would not have been able to survive outside on his own, with no ability to hunt.  He has now found a wonderful home and is pampered by his new parents.



Smoky is Russian Blue, handsome boy who was abandoned and left to starve. After being fostered by his foster parents, he found a good home!

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