Microchip Your Pet on May 9th for $35!

microchipGet-your-pet-microchippedIt is very important to ensure your pet cat or dog is microchipped because if your pet cat or dog becomes lost, you are far more likely to be reunited if they are microchipped.

Pet Valu at 10 Royal Orchard Boulevard in Thornhill will be holding a Microchipping Clinic Day on May 9th from 12-4pm, and a Board Certified Veterinarian will be offering microchipping for only $35 (cash only).

Call and Book Your Appointment Today at 905-889-1890!

The registering Hospital is Broadway Animal Hospital, OrangevilleIf you have any questions or require any assistance after your pet is micro chipped please call  905 554 7210.

Information on Microchipping Your Pet

Is it painful to my pet?

 It won’t hurt your pet any more than a routine vaccination – having a microchip implanted doesn’t  require anesthetic. The procedure is performed by an experienced veterinarian and is simple and similar to administering any routine shot.

The microchip comes preloaded in a sterile applicator and is injected subcutaneously under the loose skin generally between the shoulder blades. The process is short  and takes only a few seconds and your pet will not hurt any more than he/ she will  do to an injection.

Will it harm my pet?

Over years there have been a very few causes for concern – very, very rare.  However, should your pet move at the time of insertion the sharp needle could cause a minor cut and may  even bleed. After application  your pet will be scanned to check that the microchip is embedded in the correct  place.  The comfort of your pet is of utmost importance. 

How does it work?

Register your pet’s microchip I.D. Number with 24Watch.com.  (Or 1-866-597-2424).  It is a pet recovery database. Please provide them your contact information, so you can be contacted if your lost pet is found and scanned.   Also, remember to keep your contact information up to date whenever you move or change phone numbers.