Improving Animal Welfare

Peace Fur Paws is dedicated to assisting the rescue of abandoned, homeless and surrendered pets and we are a big advocate for promoting adoption over buying animals as pets. We also support multiple non-profit organizations such as Rescue Angels and Animals Asia.



Living with Compassion

Did you know your diet can change the world? The climate and environment are being destroyed by the very acts of human negligence, greed for meat, and insatiable need for more material goods. If people do not start changing their diet and lifestyle, our oceans can be devoid of fish by 2050, and climate will change dramatically. Most of us live in a bubble where life is good. We have an abundance of commodities and goods, and food…but at what cost to the world?


Ending Bear Bile Farming and the Cat and Dog Meat Trade

In Asia, mainly in China and Vietnam, more than 15,000 bears are held in brutal captivity, for the purpose of extracting their bile, which is used in outdated traditional Chinese medicine. Most of the bears used are the endangered Asiatic moon bears, although sometimes the larger brown bears or the smaller sun bears are used. Peace Fur Paws is proud to support Animals Asia – Bear Bile Farming.


Promoting Adopting and Not Shopping

Peace Fur Paws is happy to announce that we have partnered with Rescue AngelsRescue Angels, a no kill, not for profit, volunteer and foster home based cat rescue. Currently, there are a lot of amazing kitties that are up for adoption!