We advocate for the abolishment of all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty 

Peace Fur Paws is dedicated to advocating for animal rights and our missions include:

2008 China bear in crush cage free drip
Promote the crucial work of Animals Asia, an international charity that has worked tirelessly to try to illegalize the bear bile industry, as well as the cat and dog meat trade. Their programs and lobbying efforts have been paramount in the last few decades in creating changes to how Asia has viewed dogs and cats.  Learn more about bear bile farming here.
Abolish the use of animals in the food industry and to advocate a vegan, plant-based diet to improve the health of individuals, reduce climate damage and eliminate animals from suffering in the food industry. These animals include pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, fish and seafood and in some areas of the world, cats and dogs.
Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes
Help eliminate all use of animal products in the fashion industry including down, leather and fur
Free all animals held in captivity used for entertainment industry and eliminate animals killed for sport and leisure activities
To promote products that are not using animal experimentation and to expose the unnecessary cruelty posed to animals in animal testing
To advocate for improved domestic animal rights through proper pet care, encouraging the public to adopt-don’t-shop and to reduce the number of abused, abandoned, homeless and surrendered pets