Peace Fur Paws is a 100% volunteer-based organization and we do not have an official office or shelter. All our work is conducted by dedicated volunteers in their own homes and foster homes. We work with multiple animal rescuers at the moment as well as a team of volunteers that help support their work. Most of the hands-on work surrounds the Feral Cat Rescue Program and our Cat and Dog Rescue Program. Many of our volunteers work remotely with occasional team meetings. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in becoming a volunteer, or expanding your work within the organization, please email us your completed Volunteer Application Form.
We regret that we are unable to offer volunteer opportunities to those under the age of 18, unless under direct supervision of a parent or guardian.
Here are some ways you can help. Our experienced volunteers are always there to support you, and even a few hours of your time every month can make a big difference.
Transportation If you have a vehicle and have some time to spare, we are always looking for volunteers to help drop off and pick up cats at the vet, and to help transport and distribute supplies and food donations, and to help out at special events.
Writing/Blogging Peace Fur Paws is looking for volunteers who would like to help write to keep up our website, blog, email/newsletter blasts, and for other communications as they come up.
Craftmaking Peace Fur Paws is always looking to make crafts such as catnip pillows, toys, or any sellable items to sell online and at various events to help raise funds for the organization.
Foster Parenting Peace Fur Paws currently helps to provide assistance to volunteers who run home-based shelters as we do not have an animal shelter. Foster homes provide a place where cats can heal, socialize, be nurtured, loved and respected until we find them forever homes. We try our very best to supply all our foster homes with the food and supplies they need while they are caring for an animal.
Feral Cat Trapping A very important part of Feral Cat Rescue program requires volunteers to help trap feral cats that have not been spayed or neutered, and to transport them to and from the vets where they can be neutered or spayed.
On-Site Animal Care Our rescue homes are often inundated with chores and help is much needed with cleaning, feeding, socializing, giving medications and giving the animals lot of TLC. Some of the special needs animals also need extra care.
Postering/Distributing Brochures This is method we use to help raise awareness of our work, to find adopters, donations and to educate the public on important issues. We occasionally need help with hanging posters or flyers at local pet stores, vet offices, grocery stores, community centres, office bulletin boards.
Fundraising – Whether it be through donation boxes, school events, work events, email blasts, special events, or canvassing, we welcome new ideas and we provide as much support as we can to help these fundraising initiatives to be successful. 100% of our proceeds go towards the animals and we distribute the funds based on priority of need, unless a donor specifies what area they want to donate to.
Events Volunteer – Peace Fur Paws hopes to participate at special events to educate people on the work we do, to educate people on animal welfare issues, to find homes for animals who are adoptable, to collect donations and to sell crafts to raise money. We can use a lot of help when these special events take place.
Graphic Design – This is an area of work that is very important to us in order to create newsletters, flyers, posters, marketing materials, and to upkeep our website.
Social Media – To help fulfill our mission of bringing education and awareness to as many people as possible, we need to have active online presence and regular posts so the public can stay informed of our work and it also serves as a wonderful marketing tool for finding adopters, volunteers and donations.
Photography/Videography – We always need help with taking nice photos of the animals that we rescue and also photos of our special events. Anyone who likes photography, would enjoy this very much.
Administrative Work – While there is a lot of hands-on work with our rescued animals, we also have to manage a tonne of paperwork. Tasks may include organizing adoption forms, word processing, creating documents, sending letters, photocopying filing and etc.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. I make toys, beds, mats, keychains and small animals and donate them to various animal rescue organizations to help with fundraising. I would like to add your organization to my list of recipients. Thank you for all you do for animals and particularly for your recent cat rescue in Scarborough.


    1. Hi Kellie, thank you so much for following our story and offering to donate us your crafts! We really appreciate any kind of donation. You can contact us at anytime and we can always arrange a pick up or drop off if you have items. Thank you again and hope you have a wonderful holiday! ~Julie


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