Peace Fur Paws is a registered non-profit organization in Canada and our mission is to advocate for animal welfare, reduce animal suffering and promote compassionate living through education, awareness and fundraising for animal rescue groups.

Key Issues we focus on are welfare issues pertaining to:

  1. Animals in the food industry
  2. Animals in entertainment industry (zoos, petting zoos, circuses, dog racing, bullfighting)
  3. Animals bred for sales (backyard breeding, puppy mills, cat mills)
  4. Animals used in products and testing of products including cosmetics and clothing
  5. Environmental and Habitat protection

We support many local rescue organizations who are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing cats in the Greater Toronto Area and we are also proudly the Toronto Volunteer Group for Animals Asia, a registered charity dedicated to ending bear bile farming and improving the welfare of cats and dogs in Asia.