Review of Animal Victories in 2017

The past year has brought on positive change to animals around the world. From putting an end to animals used in experiments to fashion moguls who have stopped using animal fur in their clothing to the many circus bans aimed at improving the well-being of animals. 2017 has seen many victories that we hope continues on into the New Year!

Animals Used in Experiments

Lab Chimps Are Moving to Sanctuaries — Slowly


Chimpanzees and other animals are often kept in labs for biomedical and other research. However, these lucky chimps are moving into retirement to live out a life of peace and prosperity. Now the chimps all eat tomatoes as if they were apples. And that’s what the future may hold for all chimps: open space and tomatoes.

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Animals Used for Food

The German Government Just Banned Meat at All Official Functions

pigEnvironment Minister and SDP member Barbara Hendricks announced that meat and fish would be banned from official government functions. Citing the environmental burden that intensive meat production places on the planet, Hendricks issued a statement saying that only vegetarian food will now be served at events.

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France Passes Historic Bill Ordering Cameras in All Slaughterhouses

chickenThe French national assembly passed a bill for mandatory cameras in slaughterhouses today. The controversial measure, to be implemented in 2018, follows a remarkable intensification of public outcry after a series of shocking undercover investigations were released to the French media by local animal rights organization L214.

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A Kinder Future for Bali’s Dogs: Animals Australia’s Work in the Field Continues

dog-viszla-closeSince Animals Australia uncovered evidence of the brutal dog meat trade in Bali in early 2017, their small dedicated team on the ground has been working to end the trade for good.

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Paraguay and Israel Announces an End to “Shackle and Hoist” Kosher Slaughter

kosher-cowRecognized as one of the cruelest forms of slaughter, PETA’s undercover investigations broadcasted this cruelty to the world and now

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Switzerland bans boiling live lobsters in animal welfare reform

lobsters.jpgIf is finally recognized that lobsters do indeed feel pain and sadly they are one of the many animals who are brutally boiled to death. Switzerland has really become the global leading in recognizing this has to stop and we hope other countries will follow suit.

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Live Export Campaign Goes Global by Animals Australia

cageThe animal victims of the global live export trade were given an unprecedented voice in 2017. Evidence from Animals Australia’s 8-month long investigation was released in 22 countries from Germany to Brazil.

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Sheep Spared from Live Export Terror to Kuwait’s ‘Festival of Sacrifice’

animals-australiaKuwait’s notoriously cruel livestock market has consistently been the scene of extreme abuse and suffering during the annual ‘Festival of Sacrifice’. For the first time in over a decade after relentless investigations and legal complaints, terrified Aussie sheep weren’t tied up, abused, or killed at this notorious market thanks to Animals Australia.

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Factory Farms Shut Before They were Opened

hogAfter a proposal was made to build an intensive hog farm, a tremendous outcry from a compassionate community was heard and it was sparked with a record number of public submissions in opposition. The refusal of the proposal was a momentous victory for not only the community, but for all victims of factory farming cruelty.

Hens Freed From a Cage

henIn 2017, Open Wing Alliance successfully negotiated an end to cage cruelty with some of the world’s biggest food companies including Nestle, Kraft Heinz and McCain. Thanks to corporate and retailer commitments secured so far, tens of millions of curious, gentle hens across more than 100 countries will be spared from life in a cage!

Animals Asia helps close more than 100 Chinese dog meat restaurants

dog-meatIn 2015, Animals Asia’s published their large-scale dog meat investigation on the entire industry, revealing the scale of illegality in the dog meat trade was revealed. The investigation revealed many dogs are poisoned when stolen from homes or snatched from the streets and have no proof of origin or vaccination histories as required by law. Since then, the Hong Kong-based charity has reported 1,039 dog meat restaurants in 52 cities across China which they suspected of illegality. More than 150 government departments responded with 72% of cases being accepted. Since then, over 126 restaurants have been closed which is huge progress. Animals Asia and many groups continue their work on ending the dog and cat meat trade in Asia. Read the full article here

The Dog Meat Industry on the Decline in Korea

dog-meat2In 2017, the largest dog meat market Moran Market is no longer allowed to slaughter and sell live dogs after Seongnam City Mayor, Lee Jae Myeonghas said he wants to clean up the market’s image. It remains to be seen how this will affect the sales of dog meat in the long run but it is evident that Korea is under a lot of international and local pressure, especially with the upcoming Olympics. Multiple petitions asking Korea to end the dog meat trade has been circulating including one with over 1 million supporters. Read full article here

Animals Used in Fashion

Victory! PETA Persuades BCBG Max Azria and BCBGeneration to Ban Fur and Angora


Did you know that items containing fur or angora often comes from animals who endure a tremendous amount of pain and suffering? The BCBG brands joins hundreds of designers and retailers around the world—including Stella McCartney, Ralph Lauren, Inditex, and H&M—that are fur- and angora-free

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Victory! Gucci Goes Fur-Free, Saving Millions of Lives

fur1Major fashion leader Gucci has announced they will go fur-free starting with their 2018 spring collection, sparing the lives of millions of animals. “Gucci’s fur-free policy includes mink, coyote, raccoon dog, fox, rabbit, and karakul (otherwise known as Swakara, Persian lamb or astrakhan) and all others species specially bred or caught.”

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Norway Announces Total Ban on Fur Farming

fur2Norway is a large fur producer with over 300 fur farms, with farms breeding and killing over 700,000 minks and 110,000 foxes every year — simply for their fur.

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Animals Used in Sports

Costa Rica Becomes First Latin America Country to Ban Hunting for Sport

huntIn 2012, Costa Rica became the first Latin American country to ban hunting for sport with a unanimous vote from the national congress. It was a step forward toward protecting the wildlife, arguably the country’s most valuable asset.

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Greyhouse Racing Banned in ACT, Australia


Following the exposure of systemic and ongoing cruelty in the greyhound racing industry across Australia, the ACT Government has announced it will legislate to end to all greyhound racing in the territory by the end of June 2018. This is a great step towards improving animal welfare. We want to make sure the ACT Government and Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay know their decision is supported by the majority of the community, and are acknowledged for standing up for animal welfare. Greyhouse racing is banned in most countries except Australia, Mexico, Macau, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, five states of the USA and Vietnam.

Companion Animals

California Becomes the First State to Ban the Sale of Animals from Puppy Mills

puppyCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation that would ban pet stores from selling animals from “puppy mills” and other irresponsible breeders. Instead, pet shops will be required to partner with animal shelters, rescues, or adoption centers.

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More than 3,500 Rescued Cats and Dogs Protected from Disease in China

catAnimals Asia funded an operation to deworm and vaccinate rescued strays across 18 Chinese cities in a major push to give neglected animals special care.

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Animals Used for Entertainment

Instagram is Banning Selfies with Exotic Animals

koalaInstagram took a step in the right direction to discourage harmful animal behaviour on social media. The platform will start issuing warnings on selfies with animal-cruelty cautions when users search for hashtags like #koalaselfie, #lionselfie or #tigerpet.

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Victory! Zoo Ends Cruel Orangutan, Sun Bear, and Otter Acts Thanks to Public Pressure

otterThanks to efforts by Animals Asia, the Gembira Loka Zoo in Indonesia has discontinued ridiculous animal acts including a sun bear pedaling a tricycle, an otter pushing a cart, and an orangutan forced to posing and grinning for selfies with zoo-goers.

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The use of wild animals will be banned in Irish circuses from January 2018

circusThe Minister for Agriculture states that “the use of wild animals for entertainment purposes in circuses can no longer be permitted. This is the general view of the public at large and a position [he is] happy to endorse.”

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India Bans Circuses From Using Wild Animals For Exhibition

The nation’s Central Zoo Authority (CZA) passed an order stating that circuses would no longer be allowed to use wild animals for exhibition or performance. This means that wild animals will never again be forced to dance or perform in circus shows!

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New York State Bans Elephant Performances


Elephant performances at circuses, parades and carnivals will soon be illegal in New York after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation intending to protect the animals from abuse and mistreatment. The new law bans the use of elephants as entertainment, however zoos will not be impacted by the new rules.

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New Toronto Bylaw Will Ban Private Use of Exotic Animals for Educational Purposes

circus2Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA) said the ban will prohibit any activity involving exotic animals, such as snakes or even common cattle such as events at schools or children’s birthday parties that occurs outside of Toronto Zoo or a licensed facility like Ripley’s Aquarium.

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Clifton New Jersey bans wild animal circuses!

circus3Clifton City Council chalked up another win for animals this week in New Jersey when they unanimously banned wild animals from circuses on public property. Clifton joins Hudson County, Vineland, Cumberland County, Passaic County, Bergen County and Jersey City, NJ, in taking a stand against animal cruelty.

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Wild animals in circuses to be banned at last: Britain to finally fall into line with other countries with Bill set to be introduced in Parliament

circus5Wild animals are finally to be banned from circuses! Animal rights campaigners argue that making animals perform in travelling circuses is detrimental to their health.

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Guatemala bans the use of Animals in Circuses

circus6Peru Bans a Ritual in which a Dog is Tied to the Back of a Bucking Bull Before Both are Slaughtered

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Mexico City prohibits performances, “therapy” and “scientific” research on Dolphins in Captivity

dolphinA new law will prohibit dolphin shows, and therapy sessions and science experiments with the marine species, in Mexico’s capital. This is a great victory for the dolphins.

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 Barcelona Bans Horse-Drawn Carriages

carriage-horseBarcelona has banned horse-drawn carriages. The trade will be banned beginning in June 2018 with the only exception being days of traditional Spanish celebration like Los Tres Toms and the Feast of Sant Medir.

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Vietnam Rejects Dolphin Park

dolphin2In November 2017, the authorities in Danang have rejected a proposal to build a dolphinarium in Vietnam’s third biggest city following a campaign led by Animals Asia and backed by more than 200 animal charities from Britain and the Bahamas to South Africa and Sri Lanka.

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Indonesian zoo stops forcing orangutan, sun bear and otter to perform for visitors

sun-bearAnimals free to be animals after exposé leads to backlash over cruelty and exploitation at zoo in Yogyakarta city triggering change of policy.

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Wildlife Trade

China closes its domestic ivory market!

36victory-postOn Dec. 31, 2017, all registered ivory carving facilities, ivory wholesalers and ivory retailers in China closed, thus ending the world’s largest domestic ivory market and fulfilling a joint commitment made in 2015 between China’s President Xi Jinping and then U.S. President Barack Obama.

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“Together we’re creating change by making the lives of animals visible.”

18 Moonbears Rescued from Bear Bile Farms in Asia and the Roadmap to Ending Bear Bile Farming in Veitnam

6animal-asia-fundraiserAnimals Asia has been working relentlessly to rescue moonbears from bear bile farming and to end this cruel trade. Currently, bear bile farms still reside in China and Vietnam with over 10,000 bears still in captivity. This year, Animals Asia has rescued 18 more bears who are now safely at their sanctuaries. It is no easy feat rescuing these bears as they need extensive vet care and very careful transition to their sanctuary homes. Many of the bears are in terrible health and require meticulous medical attention.

In July 2017, after 18 years of working with the Vietnamese Government, Vietnam signs an agreement with Animals Asia to end bear bile in Vietnam for good, making it a historic victory! The MOU between Animals Asia and the Vietnam Administration of Forestry  (VNFOREST) puts both Animals Asia and the government department in joint charge of finally ending Vietnam’s bear bile industry, forever.

Read the full article on the roadmap of how all this will happen


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