Eating Vegan Has Never Been Easier!

With new restaurants popping up all over the city, finding vegan meals has never been easier. Not only are we seeing these new vegan joints, more and more non-vegan restaurants are starting to offer plant-based items on their existing menus as well.

EatingveganNowadays it’s easy to find at least an option or two at most mainstream restaurants, while some of the big ones, like Il Fornello and Earls even have a separate vegan menu! For those looking for a quick meal, fast food chains like Pizza Pizza and Pizza Nova now offer vegan cheese, and places like Harvey’s and Burger King have veggie burgers. A&W launched the meatless Beyond Meat burger in June and has recently announced that they are sold out of the burger across Canada due to popular demand.

Vegan food is tastier than you think, and now much more accessible than before. With the wide array of product and restaurant options available these days, there is no better time than now to give vegan food a try!

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