Having Compassion for All Animals

There is no doubt the vegan movement is going strong with more and more people adopting a vegan, plant-based diet. Reports show that, ten percent of Canadians are now vegan/vegetarian! A vegan diet is not only beneficial for the health as demonstrated by many athletes who are adopting a plant-based diet, but it’s also the most ethically and environmentally responsible action that an individual can take to help animals and reduce harm to others. Research has shown animal agriculture to be the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for a shocking 51% of all greenhouse gases. Many undercover investigations have also revealed the horrors and cruelty towards farm animals, which has spurred many people to start looking for meat, dairy and egg alternatives. Studies have proven how pigs are smarter than dogs, cows are one of the most nurturing mothers, and chickens being incredibly sociable and intelligent – so why is it that we love and cherish animals like cats and dogs, yet we exploit and kill other animals?

The great news is, going vegan has never been easier! There are now over 150+ vegan/vegetarian friendly restaurants in Toronto alone and many more coming! For more resources, check out the Toronto Vegetarian Association and Physician’s Committee for Responsible Research.

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