Devastation Ravages Australia From Bushfires and Over One Billion Animal Casualties

Bushfires have been ravaging through Australia and there’s no end in sight. Since 2019, about 18 million hectares of land have burned, 27 human lives lost, over 2000 homes decimated and over one billion animals dead. Over 100 fires are still burning with around 50 that are not contained. The authorities have evacuated hundreds of thousands of people.

Australia’s rich biodiversity of plants and over 300 native animals are suffering mass destruction. Animals affected include livestock, Koalas, Kangaroos, Flying Foxes, Nabarlek, Bilby, Northern Bettong, Gouldian Finch, Numbat, Wiliji and many more. According to experts, the effects of the recent bushfires will last for hundreds of years and many endangered and critical species could be wiped out.

Australia has already the highest rate of species extinction and these massive bushfires will only accelerate the grim situation for animals even further. 34 species have gone extinct in the last 200 years due to habitat loss, climate change, prolonged droughts and the introduction of non-native species like cats and foxes.

The bushfires have released over 400 metric tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, totaling more than the annual emissions of the lowest 116-emitting countries. This is bad news for our already warming planet as the CO2 emitted will trap more heat. The reduction of carbon sinks in the Amazon and Australia from forest burning further reduces CO2 absorption, worsening the global warming effects.

It is widely agreed that instead of arson, climate change is the main culprit behind extreme weathers in Australia and the recent bushfires – the worst Australia has ever experienced. Some news outlets have even been accused of climate misinformation campaigns and downplaying the coverage.

Thousands of people have criticized the Australian Morrison government for not doing enough to combat climate change and for supporting the coal industry. They have recently protested for the Prime Minister’s resignation. The government faces condemnation worldwide, especially by animal protection and rescue organizations for continuously supporting the cruel live export trade – one of the cruelest animal trades in the world.

The Australian government has failed to put climate, habitat and animal protection in its priority. Many are slamming the government’s poor policies for the recent bushfires and lack of help and resources for residents. These ongoing bushfires have been devastating, leaving many animals dead, injured, and traumatized. The road to recovery will be a long and difficult one.

You can help today by donating to one of the organizations below. Many are currently on the ground trying to help save and rehabilitate as many animals as possible.

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