A whimpering dog was tied up onto the stick with which he was carried, being sold for meat at the Bac Ha market. Photograph by Jo-Anne McArthur/Animals Asia.


In China and throughout Asia, millions of cats and dogs are rounded up or bred for their meat and fur. They are crammed into wire cages, in trunks, one on top of another, and transported for days in horrendous conditions. They meet their terrifying doom in animal markets or restaurants, where they are beaten to death, strangled, bled out, boiled or skinned alive. Many of these animals are stolen beloved pets, with their collars still attached!

Five large dogs being transported to their slaughter on the back of a motorcycle. Vietnam, 2008. Photograph by Jo-Anne McArthur/Animals Asia



Unfortunately there are no animal welfare laws in place in China. Animals Asia is working very hard to change that by working with government and pushing for positive change for the animals. As well, they are working with other animal welfare groups such as Humane Society International, to increase their impact and have effectively stopped many meat trunks with cats and dogs destined for slaughter as well as provide shelter management programs, and trap, neuter and spay programs for the stray animals. Their Friend or Food campaign exposes the meat trade and the health risk of consuming such sick animals. Also education is most important and Animals Asia is nurturing the public to develop a strong compassionate attitude towards cats and dogs and hopefully other animals too. Their Dr. Dog program brings rescue therapy dogs to senior homes, hospitals, and orphanages and this has made such a positive change for both the animals and the people. For more information about their groundbreaking campaigns, visit the Animals Asia website.

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