March for Bunnies: Cruelty-Free Guide

It’s time to give bunnies a break from cosmetic testing, the Angora fur trade, and the overall cruel and horrific exploitation. Not only are these animals being killed and experimented on, but they are experiencing these events in the utmost torturous and unimaginable ways. Hundreds of thousands of innocent bunnies are enduring abuse and mistreatment on a daily basis. These voiceless animals deserve to have a voice, and that is why it is so important to focus on bringing attention to this prevalent animal welfare issue. This month, let’s March for the Bunnies! 

We are starting off this month with a vast list of cruelty-free companies that provide quality products without the unnecessary animal testing and abuse. There is no reason or excuse to buy products that are tested on innocent animals when there is such a wide variety of animal-friendly options. Get your Cruelty Free Shopping Guide today!

March for bunnies square