Animals Asia Highlights

One of the main organizations we support, Animals Asia, has worked endlessly to improve the welfare of so many animals, and has continued to demonstrate admirable efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to highlight some of their initiatives and accomplishments over the last few months to shed light on the amazing work they have … Continue reading Animals Asia Highlights

COVID-19 Started Because of Humans’ Abuse on Animals

Cars and people queue-up at the main entrances of wetmarkets, which have stirred back to “life” following a lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some countries announced a temporary ban, but they are full of wetmarkets still in operation. Wetmarkets, slaughterhouses, intensive farming practices and the wildlife trade are the sources of zoonotic diseases – … Continue reading COVID-19 Started Because of Humans’ Abuse on Animals

Ag-gag Bill 156: Ontario is Trying to Hide Animal Cruelty on Farms

Ontario introduced an agricultural gag legislation today called Bill 156 – Security From Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act. While animal agriculture is destroying the Amazon and causing climate change, it’s ironic this bill has “security” in it’s title. The bill targets whistleblowers and journalists by making it illegal to be present on farms and … Continue reading Ag-gag Bill 156: Ontario is Trying to Hide Animal Cruelty on Farms

Dark Ties of The Meat Industry

You may have read the recent news that it’s okay for us to continue consuming meat. This is yet another campaign by the Big Meat industry in fear of losing money to the now popular vegan movement. The original publication goes back to Bradley C. Johnston who published the official report. Bradley Johnston is a … Continue reading Dark Ties of The Meat Industry

Canadian Wolves Are Under Attack

The Ontario government aims to loosen wolf and coyote hunting regulations in Northern Ontario. The proposed change allows unlimited killing of coyotes, including pups all year-round. It also eliminates all tag and reporting requirements. This will make it impossible to enforce kill limits or collect important data to assess the impacts on wildlife. This will … Continue reading Canadian Wolves Are Under Attack

Animal Victories in 2018

2018 has been a remarkable year for animals and animal lovers. This year we saw companies ending animal tests; protecting lobsters; banning fur, mohair, angora, and exotic skins; implementing strict laws for pet animals; and banning use of wild animals in circuses. Our ultimate goal is to see the end of all animal exploitation and … Continue reading Animal Victories in 2018