Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Having a pet is known to be beneficial in many ways as it can improve health, lower anxiety, and form everlasting bonds between pets and their owners. However, when in search for that forever friend, it is extremely important to adopt instead of shop. There is an overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs that need shelter and care to survive, but there is not enough space in shelters to accommodate all the animals. As a result, hundreds of thousands of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year.  When you shop for a pet online or in pet stores, you are most likely getting them from breeding facilities that put the profits above the animals’ welfare. By adopting, you are freeing up one more space for an animal in need and not supporting the cruel treatment of animals. Here are some ways you can help save animals according to the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies: 

  • Adopt a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group
  • Foster an animal because not only does that save the life of the animal you are fostering, but it provides an extra spot at the shelter
  • Spay or Neuter Your Pet to avoid further overpopulation issues
  • Volunteer with an animal rescue or welfare organization
  • ID Your pet so even if you pet escapes, it has a much better chance of being reunited with you
  • Donate to a local shelter or rescue organization
  • Advocate for the animals by signing petitions, writing letters to local government representatives, asking them to pass by-laws that improve pet care policies and wildlife management