Cat Colonies in Crisis: Scarborough Colony Needs Your Help

Cat colonies is a major problem in many urban areas, and the Greater Toronto Area is not spared from pressing issue. A cat colony is a group of cats living together and they can be found in both urban and rural neighbourhoods. Feral cats are those cats that are wild, semi-ferals are those cats that … Continue reading Cat Colonies in Crisis: Scarborough Colony Needs Your Help

Thank You Somerset Academy!

Thank you to all the students and teachers at Somerset Academy for choosing our group this year to fundraise for! It was incredible seeing all the food, toys, beds, pet supplies, and other goodies you collected. Everything was sent to the foster homes we work with and the animals were really happy as you can … Continue reading Thank You Somerset Academy!

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Having a pet is known to be beneficial in many ways as it can improve health, lower anxiety, and form everlasting bonds between pets and their owners. However, when in search for that forever friend, it is extremely important to adopt instead of shop. There is an overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs that need shelter … Continue reading Adopt, Don’t Shop!

Register for the 2016 5K Walk Now

Come out and support our mission while enjoying a 5k walk with your friends, family, and of course, your furry friends! Assisting your local rescue community has never been so easy or fun. Set your own personal goal and show your commitment to our cause! At Peace Fur Paws, we are dedicated to assisting animal … Continue reading Register for the 2016 5K Walk Now