Announcing This Year’s Beneficiaries!

Every year, we select organizations that are aligned with our missions of improving animal welfare, animal rights, animal rescue and compassionate living including a plant-based and cruelty-free diet and lifestyle. We are excited to announce this year’s beneficiaries for our 2018 Fundraising efforts!



Animals Asia 

Mandela enjoying her day at the Sanctuary

This will be our 4th year acting as Animals Asia’s Toronto Volunteer Group and we are so grateful to Animals Asia for awarding us the 2018 Oliver Award. We will continue to support the crucial work they do including:

Victories that Animals Asia have achieved include an agreement between the Vietnamese government and Animals Asia to close down the bear bile farm industry for good! The Vietnamese government will be working closely with Animals Asia to have all bears moved into sanctuaries in the coming years. Recently, due to an Animals Asia’s campaign a cruel monkey circus at UNESCO facility has also shut down.

The Save Movement

Pigs en route to slaughter in Burlington

The Save Movement is a worldwide network of groups dedicated to bearing witness of pigs, cows, chickens and other farmed animals en route to slaughter. Every year, over 56 billions farmed animals are killed and this does not include fish or sea creatures. Their goals include:

  • Raising awareness about the plight of farmed animals by bearing witness to animals en rote to slaughter worldwide
  • Promoting a vegan, grassroots animal justice movement
  • To expand the number of Save Movement groups across the globe

In a mere 8 years after the inception of Toronto Pig Save in 2010, the Save Movement has grown to close to 400 groups worldwide including Canada, the U.S., U.K. & Ireland, Australia, continental Europe, Hong Kong, South Asia, East Asia, South Africa, Mexico and Central/South America. Recently, they are gaining momentum in India. Calcutta Animal Save held it’s first vigil this month and many more groups are planned to emerge. They just opened a Save Movement in Manilla, Seoul and Japan and they hope to start a Dog Save soon in Asia.



Zoocheck is a Canadian-based international wildlife protection charity devoted to promoting and protecting the welfare of wild animals. They work to improve wildlife protection and to end their abuse, neglect and exploitation by conducting investigation and research, providing public education and awareness campaigns, capacity building initiatives, legislative actions and litigation.

This year, they have several important campaigns including:

  • A campaign to end the culling of wild horses in Alberta
  • Helping to free Lucy, the lone elephant in captive at an Alberta zoo
  • Helping to relocate Yupi the polar bear held in a Mexican zoo
  • A national initiative to challenge the exotic pet trade, with a particular emphasis on facets of the trade dealing with birds, reptiles and amphibian
  • Initiative to restrict or end the proliferation of MLAPs (mobile live animal programs) in Ontario
  • Ongoing review of wildlife in zoo captivity in Ontario and associated lobbying activities aimed at achieving a legislative resolution to the zoo issue, to name a few
  • Advocating for lonely elephants in Japan who are living in solitude

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