Ban the Poisoning of Canadian Animals!


Poisons are used to kill wild animals. Dogs and other non-targeted animals also die agonizing deaths. Help us convince Canada’s Health Minister to ban Strychnine, Compound 1080 and Sodium Cyanide. 
~ We have until Feb. 18, 2019 to stop the suffering.

Please add your voice to a public consultation, and let the Government of Canada know that humaneness must absolutely be considered when deciding whether to register poisons.

Under current regulations Wolves, Coyotes, Bears, Skunks, Richardson Ground Squirrels and Pocket Gophers are all targeted by one of these poisons. The use of these poisons result in the agonizing and painful deaths of the target species and also pet dogs, endangered species, and other non-target animals.

And when it comes to the cruel and indiscriminate poisons currently being used to kill Wolves, Bears, and Coyotes in Canada – strychnine, sodium cyanide, and compound 1080 – there is sufficient scientific evidence to conclude that these poisons are inhumane and should not be used.

Read and learn more at Health Canada website on “Humane Vertebrate Pest”

What You Can Do To Help

  1. Sign this petition from IFAW
  2. Submit your comments by emailingPest Management Information Service” or calling 613-736-3799. Ensure you provide: Full name, mailing address and email address. Use this sample email.

For more information about the use of poisons in Canada, please visit Animal Alliance of Canada’s website#

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