Animals Asia Highlights

One of the main organizations we support, Animals Asia, has worked endlessly to improve the welfare of so many animals, and has continued to demonstrate admirable efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to highlight some of their initiatives and accomplishments over the last few months to shed light on the amazing work they have … Continue reading Animals Asia Highlights

All Bear Bile Farms to be Shut Down in Vietnam

The cruel practice of bear bile farming was once thought to help preserve the bear population, but it has been proven to have the opposite effect. Although the practice had been declared illegal in Vietnam, a loophole in the law allowed the farming to continue. With Vietnam not having the resources to build rescue centres and … Continue reading All Bear Bile Farms to be Shut Down in Vietnam

Aurora Street Festival 2016

We were at this year’s Aurora Street Festival and there was an amazing turn out. We had nearly 300 petitions signed in support of ending cruel cosmetic animal testing in Canada. We also met a lot of wonderful locals with their pets and educated the public about animal welfare issues including the cat and dog meat … Continue reading Aurora Street Festival 2016

Breaking News: Halong Bay Bears Set For Rescue!

After months of international pressure to rescue these bears from a bear bile farm, it has been announced that the Halong Bay bears can be rescued by Animals Asia!  The action is a direct result of the Save the Halong Bay Bears campaign which resulted in over 115,000 signatures from animal lovers globally. They were joined by … Continue reading Breaking News: Halong Bay Bears Set For Rescue!

Moon Bears Dying in Vietnam

Bears are dying at an unprecedented rate in Halong Bay bile farms and many of them are being kept in horrendous and cruel conditions. Animals Asia has been working relentlessly and calling on authorities to allow the release of the remaining 19 bears and to end bear bile farming in Vietnam humanely. Right now these … Continue reading Moon Bears Dying in Vietnam