Recap: Thank you for supporting our First 5K Walk in September!

5K Walk 1 croppedWe want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all participants, volunteers, pledgers and supporters who helped make our  September’s First 5K Walk a success!

 All the funds we raised will go towards:
  • Rescuing, providing medical care and re-homing unwanted, sick and injured animals. Currently we help rescuers that do cat rescue as well feral cat rescue by providing them with food and supplies, veterinary care, social media support, adoptathon events, volunteers and foster homes to help them with their hard work. We are also very happy to have recently partnered up with Rescue Angels, a very experienced cat rescue organization to further our efforts to provide help to more animals.
  • The massive rescue efforts in Vietnam for moon bears from closing bear bile farm by our Animals Asia team. There are still over 10,000 bears kept on bile farms in China where bile is extracted painfully and cruelly from bears. Some bears are caged as cubs and never released, with many kept in crush cages for up to 30 years. These bears suffer from multiple diseases and infections, tumors, and alongside with the emotional trauma, they eventually succumb to their injuries and die. We are working hard to illegalize this industry and hopefully help get more bears released into Animals Asia sanctuaries to help end their suffering.
  • Improving the welfare of cats and dogs in Asia by supporting our Animals Asia team. They have been working hard in championing local action, implementing population and disease control measures, tackling the cat and dog trade industry, increasing public awareness, and engaging with government authorities, public representatives and policy-makers in China to support an end to dog and cat eating and to build support for laws that will protect companion animals from cruelty.
5K walk 2 5K Walk 3