Victory! China to Close Ivory Factories

Over the years, the elephant population has seen a rapid decline due to elephant poaching in Africa. Thousands of elephants are killed each year, and at this rate, Africa’s elephants could face extinction. China currently comprises of the world’s largest market for elephant ivory products. Although the international trade of ivory is banned, countries like … Continue reading Victory! China to Close Ivory Factories

Support Bill C-246 for Animal Welfare

This is probably one of the most important initiatives we can support to make a difference to the lives of animals right now. This Bill if passed, will make it illegal to import cat/dog fur to Canada, ban the importation of shark fin, and update animal cruelty sections of the Criminal Code, including the definition of bestiality. Right … Continue reading Support Bill C-246 for Animal Welfare

Register for the 2016 5K Walk Now

Come out and support our mission while enjoying a 5k walk with your friends, family, and of course, your furry friends! Assisting your local rescue community has never been so easy or fun. Set your own personal goal and show your commitment to our cause! At Peace Fur Paws, we are dedicated to assisting animal … Continue reading Register for the 2016 5K Walk Now

Aurora Street Festival 2016

We were at this year’s Aurora Street Festival and there was an amazing turn out. We had nearly 300 petitions signed in support of ending cruel cosmetic animal testing in Canada. We also met a lot of wonderful locals with their pets and educated the public about animal welfare issues including the cat and dog meat … Continue reading Aurora Street Festival 2016

Power of Petitions – Your Voice Matters

Everyday we come into contact with people who are loving, caring and compassionate who want to help create a better world and life for animals but there is often hesitation due to time constraints or simply not knowing where and how to start. The good news is, you can make a difference simply by spending 5-10 minutes each … Continue reading Power of Petitions – Your Voice Matters