Power of Petitions – Your Voice Matters

Everyday we come into contact with people who are loving, caring and compassionate who want to help create a better world and life for animals but there is often hesitation due to time constraints or simply not knowing where and how to start. The good news is, you can make a difference simply by spending 5-10 minutes each day and having your voice heard. Petitions, emails and letters are extremely powerful in voicing our concerns and speaking on behalf of abused animals who cannot speak for themselves. The list goes on and on. I wrote this article to show you how simple it is to take action and create change. Take action today and Sign Some Petitions!

Recently, in response to the number of animal abuse cases in Thailand and international pressure, an animal welfare bill was proposed to protect the safety of animals such as cats and dogs from abuse. Thanks to tens of thousands of members taking action, Canada decided to ban gestation crates for pigs. Thanks to all the public support, the Fox Hunting Ban was Preserved in the UK, and Vietnam has promised to eradicate bear bile farming by 2020.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find worthy petitions to sign. Check out Animal Petitions as they have a very complete list of ongoing petitions for animals
  2. Make sure you share the petitions you sign either via email, FB, twitter or other forms of social media.
  3. If it is a Canadian Petition, you can find your local Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and send them an email

Current Action Alerts:

  • Find and Email Your MP To Support ‘Modernizing Animal Protection’ Bill In Parliament which includes a ban on the import and sale of dog and cat fur to Canada, and a requirement to label species of origin on all fur products.In addition to the ban on the import and sale of dog and cat fur and updates to the Textile Labelling Act, this bill seeks to close loopholes in the criminal code relating to animal cruelty, and end the practice of shark finning in Canada

    • Sample letter: 

Dear Honourable MP (Insert name) 
I am writing to ask for your support of the Modernizing Animal Protection Bill to ban the import of cat and dog fur to Canada and a requirement to label species of origin on all fur products. I also ask for you to ban the practice of shark finning in Canada. These are cruel practices and cats and dogs are considered pets and their fur and/or parts should not be imported for use in Canada. 

I am reaching out on behalf of the 21 dogs seized by the OSPCA from a fighting ring in Tilbury who are now at risk of euthanasia. The OSPCA claims that these dogs are a lost cause and euthanasia is the most humane option. I highly disagree that euthanizing young, and relatively healthy dogs who have endured unthinkable torture and abuse is right. They should have a second chance. In 2007, 50 dogsrescued from a highly publicized Michael Vick fighting ring proved to the world that fighting dogs can be successfully rehabilitated and reintegrated into society. Many of these dogs went on to become therapy dogs, and are now living beautiful lives. The same is possible for these 21 Canadian dogs.

Dogs Tales is a highly experienced dog rescue located just minutes from the OSPCA and they have offered to take in an rehabilitate all 21dogs. Their facility is highly equipped with experienced caregivers and trainers who can retrain the dogs and they will also provide veterinary care, and love – all at NO cost to the OSPCA. I personally have been to this wonderful facility and I think they will do the job right and find permanent loving homes for these poor dogs.

Due to Ontario’s Breed Specific Legislation, Dog Tales is seeking a special designation from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services to house the odgs. Section 6(d) of the Dog Owners Liability Act permits a pit bull to be abandoned to a pound operated by a municipality, Ontario or a designated body. They need your support to achieve this designation. Please help these dogs as they should not be punished for the years of abuse afflicted by humans. This case has received tremendous amount of media coverage both within Canada and internationally, and the rest of the animal-loving community are outraged. Please reach out to Yasir Naqvi to make it known that you believe these dogs deserve a second chance. Thank You.