Summer Marches for Animals

This year we participated in the Unionville Parade in Markham to promote animal welfare and there was a great turnout of people and pets! We had lots of furry friends join us during our march for the animals. 

Although dogs are seen as man’s best friend in North America, they are sadly viewed as a commodity and a food animal in many parts of the world. Hopefully, through these events, we can share to the world that all animals are no different than us. They are all sentient beings and deserve proper treatment and welfare.

Unionville Parade 2017



Close All Slaughterhouses March – Toronto 2017

This was our 1st year attending the Close All Slaughterhouses March and we weren’t quite sure what to expect from it. The event was a powerful display of unity, compassion, dedication, and . More and more people are choosing to become vegan as their awareness awakens and they are educated on the suffering needed for us to have animal products. Thanks to documentaries, undercover investigations, and animal activism, the cruelty behind factory farming has been brought to light and we can finally see what happens behind the concrete walls of factory farms. It is often described as “hell on earth” and this March was an inspiring demonstration of our love for these forgotten animals who never experienced any compassion, and how we as a community can hopefully create change for them one day. 



Veggie Parade 2017

This year was the 8th Annual Toronto Veggie Parade and it’s an annual celebration for vegans, vegetarians and veg-lovers! It was a great experience for our group, being able to participate and connect with so many other groups. The three main goals of the Veggie Parade are to celebrate a veg lifestyle, connect and build a community together to share resources, and to educate the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. At the same time, it is to help raise awareness of non-profit organizations who are working towards a more compassionate and kinder world to animals.






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