Top 12 Vegan Eats in and around Toronto!

Toronto is becoming a huge vegan hotspot for vegan eats! Here are some of our favorite places and they are places you definitely want to check out even if you are not vegan or vegetarian! Doug McNish Public Kitchen This little restaurant near Yorkdale Mall is known for their exquisite vegan brunches, and its the … Continue reading Top 12 Vegan Eats in and around Toronto!

Adopt, Don’t Shop Educational Video

If you are looking for a furrever, please be sure to adopt and not shop! There is an extreme overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs that need homes and many are sitting at the shelter, just waiting for a loving family. Many shelters sadly run out of space or the animals fall ill due to … Continue reading Adopt, Don’t Shop Educational Video

Happy Tails

Since inception, Peace Fur Paws has been involved with local animal rescuers to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals and below are some of the animals we have helped through the years ♥ We don’t want to take any credit from the rescuers and foster parents who did the hardest part of the work. Peace … Continue reading Happy Tails