Victory! China to Close Ivory Factories

Over the years, the elephant population has seen a rapid decline due to elephant poaching in Africa. Thousands of elephants are killed each year, and at this rate, Africa’s elephants could face extinction. China currently comprises of the world’s largest market for elephant ivory products. Although the international trade of ivory is banned, countries like … Continue reading Victory! China to Close Ivory Factories

The Absolute Worst Gift to Give for Easter

Giving animals as gifts and especially bunnies and chicks for Easter is the absolute worst gifts to give. This is almost always a death sentence for the animals since the recipients are usually children who are ill equipped to take care of them. Rabbits require a lot of care and attention. Sadly, many people grow … Continue reading The Absolute Worst Gift to Give for Easter

Victory for Angora Bunnies

After the shocking release of PETA’s undercover video of the angora rabbit hair industry, over 220 companies have banned Angora hair in their products! Angora rabbits are ruthlessly exploited for their beautiful hair. The undercover video showed the brutal treatment of angora rabbits on rabbit fur farms where their fur was ripped from their delicate … Continue reading Victory for Angora Bunnies

Get Your Compassion into Shape!

The end of 2016 has marked the 2nd anniversary of Peace Fur Paws and we want to thank everyone for their ongoing support. Now, more important than ever animals need our love, compassion and support. 

Support Bill C-246 for Animal Welfare

This is probably one of the most important initiatives we can support to make a difference to the lives of animals right now. This Bill if passed, will make it illegal to import cat/dog fur to Canada, ban the importation of shark fin, and update animal cruelty sections of the Criminal Code, including the definition of bestiality. Right … Continue reading Support Bill C-246 for Animal Welfare

Happy Tails

Since inception, Peace Fur Paws has been involved with local animal rescuers to help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals and below are some of the animals we have helped through the years ♥ We don’t want to take any credit from the rescuers and foster parents who did the hardest part of the work. Peace … Continue reading Happy Tails