Breaking News: Halong Bay Bears Set For Rescue!

After months of international pressure to rescue these bears from a bear bile farm, it has been announced that the Halong Bay bears can be rescued by Animals Asia!  The action is a direct result of the Save the Halong Bay Bears campaign which resulted in over 115,000 signatures from animal lovers globally. They were joined by … Continue reading Breaking News: Halong Bay Bears Set For Rescue!

Moon Bears Dying in Vietnam

Bears are dying at an unprecedented rate in Halong Bay bile farms and many of them are being kept in horrendous and cruel conditions. Animals Asia has been working relentlessly and calling on authorities to allow the release of the remaining 19 bears and to end bear bile farming in Vietnam humanely. Right now these … Continue reading Moon Bears Dying in Vietnam

Holly's Recovery Part 2

After a few months of fundraising, we have finally raised enough money to get Holly’s custom wheels to help her rehabilitate her back legs. These heart-warming pictures will make you melt! The doctor recommended Holly to use the wheels a few hours each day and it’s been just over a month, and Holly is now starting to … Continue reading Holly's Recovery Part 2

Fundraising Goal for a Transport Crate for Lion in Peru Reached!

Congratulations to Peacefurpaws at Westmount C.I. who raised $500 for Animals Defenders International!! They will be able to fund a lion crate used to transport a lion who has been rescued from a closed down circus in Peru to a beautiful sanctuary in California! Peru has recently banned animal circuses who is a real victory … Continue reading Fundraising Goal for a Transport Crate for Lion in Peru Reached!

Holly's Road to Recovery

When we first brought Holly in, she was at the brink of death and paralyzed from the neck down.  It’s been 2 months of rehabilitation and look at her progress! When we first got Holly and a few weeks later, she was finally able to sit up with assistance. Holly gets massaged everyday which helps … Continue reading Holly's Road to Recovery